Advanced Knowledge Base

The four pillars of our advanced knowledge base include: 1) AI development, 2) machine learning, 3) interconnected devices, and 4) intelligent agents. Within our advanced knowledge base instruction, you will have an opportunity to learn how to develop AI applications using machine learning algorithms in Python. 


Did you ever wonder how to connect a device to Alexa? If so, this applied set of instruction is for you. Have you investigated learning robotic process automation (RPA)?


How about deployed AI in the form of a chatbot? Is your small business in need of a smart bot for customer service?


While we will leverage as much GUI based applications as possible, it inevitable that advanced coding and algorithms will be required.


Note that pricing for our advanced knowledge base varies by skill and supply and demand will influence pricing. That being said, this is an excellent opportunity to learn advanced skills in a controlled environment.


Whether your just an inquisitive person or a small business and need advice on any of these topics within our advanced knowledge base areas just let us know by filling out the contact form below.



We offer a two course package which involves fundamentals and applications of Artificial Intelligence. The courses include Image Processing, Natural Language Processing and Introduction to Robotics.


We offer a three course package which includes machine learning concepts. The courses involve various case studies and applications that help learners to understand and apply machine learning concepts


This course includes a broad introduction to networking concepts. Learners will have an understanding of Smart devices and Internet of Things and how it works.


We offer a two course package where learners will have an understanding of various Intelligent Agents like Alexa, Internet chat bots and will learn how to program a chat bot agent for a website.


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