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Pricing varies by skill, peak and non-peak hours. On occasion, we run sales and provide coupons to schools. The best way to lock in prices is by buying a subscription.


Pricing for the Advanced Knowledge Base (AKB) is handled by reservation only. Keep an eye out for AKB workshops.


Group prices offer an affordable means to plan the economic use of our services in a manner that meets your needs.


Return policy:

We offer a 100% return policy if you are unhappy for any reason and notify us within 48 hours.


Disclaimer - Prices change during peak periods (high and low) and we reserve the right to make corrections if any typo has occurred, in which case we will notify and provide a refund if necessary. Prices are based on time, period and availability of tutors

Who are our Tutors?

GLOBAL HQ - Miami Lakes, FL

Services offered through DLCs at various South Florida Locations



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