The Golden Years

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What Do We Do Now?


Getting Ready for the Next Challenge

While it is not uncommon to witness generalizations of retirement as being quality time spent on some beach, the reality is quite different. Just because you're over 50 the journey doesn't end - it just starts to get interesting.


The challenge with being over 50 is that many learning programs and institutions are simply not designed for people approaching or in the "Golden Years." We offer flexible learning programs supported by both young and older tutors.


Are you thinking about earning that college degree but are concerned about what type of effort may be required and if there's support? Then, this program is for you.


Do you simply want to learn something new to increase your marketability? Then, this program is for you.


Sounds interesting, but you are not sure what you would like to learn. Think about these offerings and ideas:


  • Improving your technology capability (e.g., laptops, social media, understanding kid technology, navigational electronics). 

  • Create your own webpage that tells a special story.

  • Ever thought about creating your own smartphone application?

  • Create YouTube videos.

  • Create your own Facebook group.

  • I have no idea what all this technology means but it would be nice to speak to someone who does.

  • It would just be nice to learn something new.

  • Learn how to manage all these online services.


Alternatively, maybe you just need someone who knows how to use a particular technology to help you. We have tutors on hand who can help you work through technology and learning challenges.


We not only talk the talk, but we walk the walk.

This section of the webpage was written by someone who is a potential customer and proud to be over 50. We also train and hire potential candidates in their Golden Years just the same as we do other people. If you're interested in this program, email or mail us your resume.


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