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We are one of the most innovative tutoring programs in the United States. We have combined world-class technology and innovative learning disciplines to create a unique educational environment.


We are currently seeking part-time computer science, math, digital arts, English and language professionals to fill future positions. We are also looking for summer camp tutors and interns to help us build sustainable future programs. We are also looking for a few select individuals to help us build out the South Florida, Caribbean, and LATAM digital learning centers.


We are also seeking college interns to help us build our social media presence and digital curriculum which is hosted on our learning management system (LMS). While we do have high standards for tutors, we do encourage college students in part-time roles for tutoring as long as they are in upper division or graduate school and can exhibit competency in a particular domain. We are planning a spring break internship, multiple summer internships, and one for the winter break.


We offer full-time employees a career path and an exciting benefits package. We are not a franchise but rather a company which is customer and employee focused. Our unique culture creates a workplace that inspires idea creation and a mutual desire to succeed. We offer in-house training to all employees.


The pillars that drive our organization:


  • Excellence - We look for the best people and tools.

  • Embedded sustainability - We seek profitability but equally look to make positive impacts on the community we serve.

  • A Full pyramid - We seek to empower all levels of the pyramid in all hemispheres.

  • Shared growth - Customers and employees share in the growth of our team.

  • STEAM - Expand access to careers in STEAM through a well-defined program and career path (STEAM means Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics).

  • Education - We are dedicated to improving access and diversity in education for our customers and employees.

  • Collaboration - We grow as a team, not as individuals.

  • Scholarship - We seek to build team skills by investing in customers and employees.

  • Diversity - We embrace diversity.

  • Innovation - We strive to enable better education through technology and learning.


Are we perfect? No. But, we look to build an organization around great customers and employees. Keep in mind that we are a digital company so our workplace is anything but traditional.


General qualifications and skills for tutors:



  • Bachelor’s degree in STEAM discipline, master’s degree preferred. Ph.D.’s, EdD, DBA and ABD's are welcome to apply.

  • Teacher certification is preferred.

  • Classroom experience strongly preferred.

  • Experience creating your respective STEAM lessons and content.

  • Technology willingness. 

  • Excellent written and public speaking skills.

  • Strong language skills.

  • Part or full-time hours with the ability to work afternoons/early evenings and weekends. (2-3 times/week).

  • We enable remote workers through our digital platform and LMS.


Notable items:

  • All candidates must pass a background check.

  • Teachers who are taking the summer off are great candidates.

  • We need dedicated tutors for the coding and math camps.

  • Our primary DLC will be located in the western section of Miami-Dade or Broward County near the turnpike and Interstate 75. We are currently building out our DLC in Guayaquil and are looking for a location in the Carribean (a short list is being compiled and will be announced later).


How do you apply and what to expect:

For consideration, please email or mail your resume to customersupport@mydigitutor.com and feel free to submit samples of your work or videos that you feel qualify you for any of these positions. A review team will gather all the resumes and identify candidates that are a potential fit. Keep in mind that most positions will be filled in the future and your resume will be digitally archived because we are building a database of qualified candidates.


GLOBAL HQ - Miami Lakes, FL

Services offered through DLCs at various South Florida Locations



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